China’s Internet Numbers

To show the huge gap that exists between China and India on the Internet front, here are the latest numbers put out by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:

  • 290 million, as of end November
  • This is up 37 million in 5 months
  • 80% connect via broadband connections, of which half are over ADSL

India has about 55-60 million Internet users (and not the 80 million that some government stats would have us believe). Most of the consumer access is on 256 Kbps or less. We have a long way to go. And sadly, even as we think about 3G and all that in India, no one is really pushing building out India’s broadband infrastructure for mass-market consumer Internet growth.

4 thoughts on “China’s Internet Numbers

  1. YA , it is for sure that majority mass in india has to move out of their pre-asumed comfort zone to adopt the 3G potential. Good mobile applications not just songs… are going to create wonders. We believe that Mobile broadband is different from the traditional internet and is having different comfort levels . Now the entire meal comes to dicretion and our adaptability.

  2. I agree with the lack of infrastructure there’s hardly much fiber deployed for the masses, all the fiber owned by the TELCOS are used to connect the ISP’s or the cable operators who on their last mile pass the service on.

    Its a matter of time though once 3G/Wimax comes into play by 2010-11 things on ground will change drastically with regards to pricing, speeds and reach. Right now ALL(90%+) the last mile besides MTNL is owned by the Cable Operators.

    If Wimax makes it and does 70% of what it is suppose to do then the game will be changed forever for the BETTER!

    Until then its going to continue to be disorganized!

    Best Regards,

    Satyam Bachani.

  3. There seems to be ‘bit torrent’ port filtering going on in Asianet ISP. Is there anyway to react to it. This is totaly outrageous. Please suggest a method on how to react. I know this is wrong place to ask, but presume this article will be read by people who may at least understand and perhaps care about this situation.