Blog Past: Emerging Enterprises and Emergent Networks

I wrote this in April 2002:

Small businesses have typically lagged big businesses in technology adoption by 3-5 years. SMEs are only just starting to adopt technology. As they do so, there is an opportunity for entrepreneurs worldwide to empower SMEs using a mix of existing technology components and innovative thinking. This new enterprise mass market thinks of technology as a utility, as a way to bridge the digital divide across companies and across markets.

As employees and enterprises go online with a PC on every desktop, online clusters of enterprises and people will give greater voice and power to the group hitherto which has mostly been only partially connected to global networks. This may be as unimaginable as the prospect of a million bloggers was a year ago. But it is a future which is rapidly emerging at light speed.

One thought on “Blog Past: Emerging Enterprises and Emergent Networks

  1. The fact of the matter is, SMEs in India will NEVER buy any technology (of significant numbers, that is). Reason is this: Their thought process goes as follows: 1. Can I manage without IT at all 2. How about just a PC and pirated software 3. Can I get my “IT Friend” to figure out something cheap for me 4. Whats free on the market today (sabeer bhatia’s 5. Okay, I have no other option but to buy? let it wait till Diwali (donno which year)

    Anyone planning to make money by selling software to Indian SMEs is wasting his time. IMO. The only exception is services sending SMS. And the reason: there is no piracy there, yet.