Board Game Reco: Ticket to Ride

I got this game because it was the only train game I could find for Abhishek. We got the European edition because it seemed to have to more cities with subways. It took some time for me to start liking it — initially, it didn’t seem as exciting as Settlers of Catan or Monopoly (we play the Indian Edition). Now that we’ve played it a dozen or so times, I think its quite a good one — and one I can recommend.

It has a few complexities (ferries, tunnels, stations, destination routes) so while teaching Abhishek, I did it in steps. Perhaps, that was why it took me a little time to realise the niceties that are embedded in the game.  It takes us about an hour to finish a game.  The only element I wish they had added was trading — we love doing that in Catan and Monopoly! It makes the game more social. (I think we’ll just add it on our own.)

7 thoughts on “Board Game Reco: Ticket to Ride

  1. As a big fan of German board games, here are two others I’d heartily recommend:

    – Power Grid (simulates natural resource markets, has a unique auction and bidding system that illustrates “clearing prices” and has a ton of intricacies about how markets work)
    – Agricola (very dynamic as it’s 50x more compex than Monopoly, classic strategy game where results depend on a series of decisions to be made under various constraints, can also be played single-player)

    Looking up the list of previous Spiel des Jahres (the Nobel prize equivalent in board games) winners is a great starting point to explore others!


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