Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • What’s holding India Back: from Business Week. “Business is battling farmers over land, putting $98 billion in investments—and an industrial revolution—on hold.”
  • India’s Demographic Moment: by Nandan Nilekani (in strategy+business). “It’s clear that if a country’s colleges and schools are in good health and if a significant proportion of the population is graduating from them, the prospects of economic growth are promising. When conditions are right, large numbers of young workers can drive a nation’s growth to remarkable levels. This theory is known as the “demographic dividend,” a phrase coined by demographer David Bloom.”
  • Kill Your Darlings: from Forbes. “It’s not about the good ideas you have–but the ones that you kill.”
  • Wisdom from Scott Cook: by Will Price. On The Power of Word-of-Mouth, Be Where the Customers Are, How Do you Create WOM.
  • Mary Meeker Internet Trends presentation: At Web 2.0 Summit, via TechCrunch.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. Coining new words to their idea has become shot of the day … “Murderboarding” … one such interesting coined-word.

  2. Rajesh,
    Did you read the comments section of
    What is holding India back?

    Very interesting … I was taken aback by the comments on arable land India Vs China… really
    questioning whether we need industrial revolution.