Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The decade of Steve: Fortune on Steve Jobs. “How Apple’s imperious, brilliant CEO transformed American business.”
  • Conversation with Unilever’s CEO Paul Polman: from McKinsey Quarterly. “Unilever’s chief executive reflects on lessons learned at three major consumer goods companies, including how to manage people in a global context, the obligations corporations have to society, and why you should never waste a good crisis.”
  • Ideas of the Year: from Pragati, the Indian National Interest Review (PDF).
  • Startup Ecosystems take time: by Fred Wilson. ” I think it is good to think about decades when you think about the development of new startup hotbeds.” And we in India need to start now.
  • Air India: Sucking Blood from the Poor: by Atanu Dey. “Perhaps this is in keeping with the pathological dread of profits that socialism is founded on. Socialism leads to immense waste of human and other resources, which carried out over decades, leads to extreme dehumanizing poverty of the people. That dehumanizing poverty of the population is good for the leaders of socialistic economies. Poverty makes the population malleable and the leaders can then milk the system to enrich themselves by the billions.”

4 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. I liked the write up on startup ecosystem … the big question for India is …. do we have that kind of
    patience (mind set and strong intellect and wealth to support) to wait for decade+ years?

    There were number of companies started with ambition of becoming next IBM, Microsoft in the
    early 80’s but by 90’s everyone became another outsourced company.

    I strongly believe indian startup ecosystem has to be forced a ecosystem … i mean a ecosystem happening because of external force … and not a planned ecosystem as it happens in US. I have never seen anyone (starting from our independence movement leaders to current intellects to entrepreneurs planning for decades ). Anything beyond 3-4 years is considered stupid here.

    Well that is my stupid opinion.


  2. Tarun, thanks for the vote of confidence. I will come knocking at your door when I stand for elections!

    Unfortunately, it’s the system and not people that matter in this case. How to change the system is the challenge. We have to get that done first.

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