Airport Approach Road

I have said it many times before, but it is something that bears repeating.

Compare the road out of Mumbai airport with that of a Tokyo or Beijing. After multiple governments and efforts, we still haven’t managed to build even half a decent approach road, leave alone something that can be called an ‘expressway.’

The answer as to why we find ourselves in the soup we are in as a nation more than 60 years after Independence is not hard to find. But many of us don’t have the patience to think through to the root cause.

I will provide a clue tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Airport Approach Road

  1. Not far from where I live in Magarpatta Pune, I am witnessing an impressive feat in road engineering and building.

    At the turning from Mundwa road on to the Sholapur highway, they are building a little flyover. The total length I would guess will be around 200 meters. The rising pillars at the end points are almost done. The other pillars and of course the road is yet to be done.

    The end pillars have taken around 2 years. In just 2 years, they have poured about the same amount of concrete that a medium sized house uses for its foundation.

    The longest running experiment in the world is the pitch drop experiment. It takes between 8 and 12 years for a drop of pitch to drop in an experiment that was started in 1929.

    I think that the road construction crew are racing ahead of the pitch drop experiment.

  2. Something to do with the budget release i guess… in Bangalore they built a 10Km (9.96 to precise … read it in some newspaper 🙂 ) bridge which took 3 years. 1-year almost 50% done next 18-months only 20% progress…last 30% was completed in 6-months.

    I heard that even in 1980 (L&T) built a bridge in blr overnight… everything was built somewhere brought and dropped (it is a over bridge to Taj Hotel). So if the money and power speaks we can do it overnight.