3G Disaster in India

Just when one thinks things cannot get any worse in India’s telecom sector, our government makes the unbelievable happen.

We should have had 3G services in India 3-4 years ago. But we took a detour to giving more 2.5G licences since that could enrich the powers that make decisions by a few billion dollars. In addition, since one can only make money from auctions before they actually happen since money can be taken for skewing the rules, there is little reason to hurry the 3G auction along.  So, we wait. The latest we hear is that the Defence department will only release spectrum later this year, so the auction will take place sometime next year, with services rollout in the second half of 2011. And to top it all, TRAI goes about wanting to publish a consultation paper on 4G!

Of course,  the government owned telcos (BSNL and MTNL) have been offering 3G services for the past many months – and we have barely noticed.

India could have led the world in mobile data, and India’s companies could have been on the forefront of innovation. But who thinks of the world beyond themselves in our government. It is still not too late. I hope better sense prevails and we can get the 3G auctions done quickly with services launched before end of the year.

5 thoughts on “3G Disaster in India

  1. Hello Mr. Jain,

    Guess what I’m in Saudi Arabia at present and using the 3G net rt now 😉 things to notice here is that internet is costly as compared to India esp if you buy the 3G and what they charge you here for is speed and not the download capacity. I just bought a 1gb package to try it and the speed is better than what we get in India but I still feel it could be a lot better and cheaper. I’m going to explore more on this topic as I get time/chance and will write in detail (However the GPRS on phone sucks big time and doesn’t even get connected).

  2. “India could have led the world in mobile data, and India’s companies could have been on the forefront of innovation”

    Agree. The funny thing is, they are still in the forefront of innovation, developing stuff for other markets

  3. yes finally 3g by the end of this year. and auctions from 9th april.

    when 4g will come in india?its in japan

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