Budget Day

So, today is another Budget Day in India. And in a few hours, we will probably be discussing how yet another opportunity to change India’s policy climate was missed. That’s really been the story for most of the Budgets that have presented. I hope I will be surprised, but the likelihood is very high that it will yet another damp squib, with lots of money being thrown to the social sector to reinforce the votebanks. For Union Budgets, every year is an Election year.

I am waiting for the Finance Minister who can actually do away with the need for such a publicly awaited event like the Budget. India’s challenges have straightforward solutions, but that doesn’t seem apparent to the decision-makers. Or maybe it is apparent, but politics that attracts votes always wins over prudent economic policy that results in development.

5 thoughts on “Budget Day

  1. Are you trying to be clever here. Atleast once in a year they are thinking about the voters who voted them. Am sorry dude, after looking everything that happened in US, its a shame on all managerial guys. I mean it. Those people create mayhem by creating a boom out of nothing, then after a meltdown which eventually should happen you need tax payers money to get your bonuses. Bonus for what? creating a near depression, eh? For Heaven’s sake, stop this. I know what you mean by development. Whatever policies government make should benefit the poors. Why on earth should a person earning more than a lakh per month needs benefit from government. After all many of us who earn such salaries, never really vote.

  2. i am waiting for a day when Budget Day only presents the Accounts.
    i would prefer financial actions on an on going basis where every month a responsive action is put into place and economy so monitered.