Mumbai Traffic

I don’t know if we have any urban planners for Mumbai or measure the slowing average speed of traffic movement through the years. As the number of cars increases and with parts of the roads of the city forever in “Dig” mode, traffic conditions are deteriorating. And no one seems to be bothered. It is probably because the change (for the worse) is small enough that we end to adjust and recalibrate our expectations. We don’t necessarily remember how traffic moved a decade ago.

From my own experience, average traffic speed has probably halved in the past decade. I am going to take a single data point – my commute back from office to home (and this is supposed to be against the traffic).  The 6 kms route now takes about 50-55 minutes daily, when I leave around 6-6:30 pm.

Of course, the ones who need to understand the plight of us cannot be expected to do so since they travel in vehicles with red lights and roads are cleared for them. Mumbai’s traffic woes will only worsen until the Ministers don’t have to wade through the same traffic as us without escort cars clearing the way.

We haven’t even started to think about the problem, leave alone come up with solutions. One bridge across the Sea does not speed up traffic.

8 thoughts on “Mumbai Traffic

  1. Hi Rajesh,
    Wonder if the (politically un-viable) solution is to ban cars unless a person is medically disabled? Given the rate at which the population is increasing and the fact that cars are getting cheaper and the country getting richer, not sure roads will ever manage to keep up.


  2. I feel that we can make a difference. If we start having a little bit of patience a lot of traffic jams could be avoided.

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