Old Failed Ideas

Just because an idea didn’t work at a point in time does not mean it was a bad idea. There are multiple reasons for something failing – and one of them could be that the environment was just not right, and not that the ideas itself was flawed.

I say this in the context of an idea I used to write about a lot 5-6 years ago — server-centric computing. Now, it goes by the much trendier name of ‘cloud computing.’ I think it is an idea whose time may be coming in the Indian context — thin clients, combined with clouds (either on the LAN or on the Internet).

For me, the blog serves as a good memory of many ideas that have not worked. Some I have given up on; others I hope to revive at the right time!

4 thoughts on “Old Failed Ideas

  1. That is one hell of an idea … but to work in Indian scenario the broad band (never was broad) killed it.

    I liked it very much when I read about it (novatium) 6-7-years back… but i felt
    “this guy is too greedy…wants to own the entire Indian Personal (computer)”….


  2. One more

    I just come know that JPMC (US) is planning to migrate to thin client concept (http://www.vdiblaster.com/) which is similar to emrgic which i used 6 years back.

    The difference i find is
    1. emergic is on Linux and VDI is on Windows
    2. you can connect to thick server not only from thin client but from any remote PC/Laptop.

    – Amit Soni