In Singapore for MMA Forum Next Week

I will be in Singapore next week to give a keynote at the Mobile Marketing Association’s event on April 14. My talk will be on “Mobile – One-to-One and One to a Billion.” Here is a brief abstract:

The mobile the only medium that is simultaneously mass and personal. It is increasingly emerging as the most important medium for brands and agencies in the coming years. By combining the 3Ps (profiles, push and permission), brands can build deeper relationships with their existing customers, turn them into brand advocates, and acquire newer customers more cost-effectively than any other medium. The mobile is driving the shift from Advertising evolves to Invertising and CRM to Customer Relationship Monetisation. What strategies do brands and agencies need to adopt in a world of mobiles that are becoming computing devices, high-speed networks that are driving increasing mobile data usage, and operators and handset players who are causing a proliferation of appstores? What will tomorrow’s Mirror World look like? What are the new ideas you can start implementing Monday morning?

2 thoughts on “In Singapore for MMA Forum Next Week

  1. I guess i missed a chance to say hi after many years. I am now based in Singapore and would have loved to hear your keynote on Mobile Marketing. Judging by the summary it must have been a great presentation. Next time when you are visiting Singapore do let me know i would like a chance to catch up. Btw loved your letters to your son.