The Waters around Mumbai

We have one Sea Link in Mumbai (named after the same person whose name prefixes Hyderabad’s airport and a million other things.) There is another one planned, from Worli to Haji Ali. Now, there is an idea of a Coastal Road as a possible alternative. The link on the eastern side of Mumbai is stuck because two agencies cannot decide who will build it. And guess, who suffers with escalating travel pain and costs every year.

Mumbai is a coastal city. We have to make the sea an ally in all we do. We should have had these bridges a long time ago. We should have adopted water transport along the coasts. But, all this happen with someone out there has a vision and also sees the mess our traffic is on. Our politicians need to be stripped of their police escort cars and red lights, and made to travel just like us in the city. Then, maybe, good sense will dawn. Until then, we can continue travelling in packed trains and crawling traffic, and attribute it our destiny. The fact that these problems can be solved doesn’t seem to dawn on any one.

4 thoughts on “The Waters around Mumbai

  1. True…what we need is a dedicated transport minister for mumbai who heads all public transport and MMRDA and who is accountable for all projects.

    a dedicated team to study traffic patterns for 15/25/35/45 years also needs to be there so as to evaluate further new modes of public transport.

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  3. The point mentioned is accurate. This should have been done long time ago.

    But there a lot of things now which should have been done long time ago.

    We accept that we are in a pitiful state but what initiative are we (both government and aam junta) taking to accelerate work which should have been done ages ago ?