Random Musings

Every once in a while, I do not know what to blog. Today is one which day. I have a few topics that I’d like to write about but they require some thought and time, and I haven’t been able to do either of them lately! So, think of this as a placeholder where you can give some suggestions. A few topics I plan to write about sometime soon:

  • Good Books that I have read/ am reading
  • Digital real-time communications
  • Personal Portals, Microblogs, Mobile Social Networking
  • More Entrepreneurship Experience Learnings
  • A Letter to our PM
  • A Centre-right vision for India

Any suggestions from you?

    9 thoughts on “Random Musings

    1. Something more current.

      1. How you feel entrepreneurs can hire in the present environment?
      2. How you feel an entrepreneur should divide his time everyday
      3. Your views on the present online eco-system in India – seems to be shifting in character to a heavy e-commerce tilt

    2. I would like to hear these two

      A Letter to our PM
      A Centre-right vision for India

      We need a real change at the top. It is disgusting at times when I hear fellow citizens accept the system the way it is without even conceptualizing better existence.

      I have not come across a good, believable even though fictional clear path to bring about real change of our system.

      I will pick up Atanu’s book soon.


    3. While I really enjoy your write up about politics I will love to see you writing more and more about entrepreneurship.

    4. “Any suggestions from you” – based on this business idea, an app/ set of plugins was built some time back where there is a voting system etc readers can request what they want to read etc. you can try that on this site?

    5. Would like to know your views on making ‘Life Skills’ to be part of education in India. I felt essentially all Babas in India are teaching life skills to people. That’s why they have huge market in India. We lack skills to handle our real life problems, that in trun impacts our contribution to society.

    6. Looking forward to your post on ‘Good Books you are reading/have read’.

      Also keen to hear your views on Education reforms in India – Primary education for the masses, quality of the higher education system in India, and vocational training for farmers and labourers (how to improve all these).

    7. well certainly 2 pieces on blogging

      1. A post on how to find the motivation to blog regularly

      2. A post on why/how a blog can help business. I am thrilled with impact my blog has had in the last 6 months, but enough data points to make a case for others

    8. Keeping in mind the current situation of our country, A LETTER TO THE PM is the need of the hour. We would be eager to know how exactly do you want the government to function and lead India into a new direction.

    9. How about your views on current Online markets in India and future of internet in verticals like education, healthcare, governance, agriculture etc?