India’s Tourism Opportunity

Having travelled to both Bali and Binsar in July, I am convinced that there is a much untapped tourism opportunity within India.

India gets about 18 million foreign tourists each year, according to Wikipedia. China gets three times as many. With better infrastructure and promotion, India’s numbers can easily match that of China.

For example, it is easier for me to get to Bali in Indonesia than to get to Binsar in Uttarakhand. This needs to change. We need to upgrade domestic infrastructure – better roads, more airports, faster trains. This needs to be combined with a bigger promotional push. More than half the people I mention Binsar toi haven’t heard about it – and neither had I till a couple months ago. India has many places of great natural beauty – which feature among some of best known secrets!

Tourism as a services industry can be thus not just a big forex generator but also a big employer, as Arun  Maira wrote in the ET recently.

7 thoughts on “India’s Tourism Opportunity

  1. There was a seminar recently at IIT Delhi on Next Generation Tourism & Technology solutions . What we need to understand here is that because of tech. it is not just easier to reach Bali than Binsar, it also could be cheaper to travel abroad than destinations in INDIA !!

  2. Thanks for your visit to the beautiful himalayan state of Uttarakhand. Your concerns are correct and I would want to add here that while other locations abroad have been able to develop activities to keep visitors interested and curious, we are still depending on age-old practices. After all , do you really have clicks like Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai to show to the world???

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