Elections Excitement – Part 3

We get filtered news through the English media on the UP elections. In most cases, it is what the parties would have us believe. So, stories emanate about how internal surveys show the Congress leading, and another report has the BJP focused on 243 seats of the 400+ in the state. It will all boil down to the Muslim vote, some say. Will it be united or will it split? And so on.

What I find surprising is that every party is playing the same game of caste arithmetic. I wish, and I accept that this be living in fantasy land, one of them would have chosen to create a clear positive campaign centred around good governance and development. For example, the BJP could have adopted a slogan like “Uttar Pradesh Ki Dharti, Gujarat-Bihar Ki Niti, Aap Ki Tarakki.” But we may still be a few years ahead of thinking beyond caste to economic growth as the primary aspirational agenda.

So, the game goes on. Elections, they say, are all about addition. And Indian elections like those in UP, are all about adding castes and sub-castes!

Continued tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Elections Excitement – Part 3

  1. I did not really follow the elections earlier as well as I am doing now. Part of credit goes to this blog.

    Looking at the way the UP election campaign is playing out, it seems theatrical to me. It is very similar to some actor trying to hard sell a bad movie. And even if audience watches the movie and gets frustrated they have already paid for the tickets for which there is no refund.

    My point being that to create positive campaign while protecting the integrity of governance and development plans, I would begin from learning how an actor sells and positions a good movie. How delicately one manages the sensitivity of multiple market segments and still steer to deliver the product which he believes in. I guess it is almost an art form!