One thing I do like is writing. The writing habit started when I was in college, from what I can remember. I started keeping a daily diary. It continued through IIT and then for much of my time in the US – though by then, I had stopped writing daily and made it occasional. I wrote for myself. I rarely read what I wrote after writing it. Writing gave me a way to think clearly and even arrive at decisions, when I needed to.

Over the past 15 or so years, I have a habit of keeping a book wherein I make notes. I also write a Diary page every so often – a more personal note, emptying what the mind is thinking. For some of the past few years, the blog helped refine my thinking on technology and entrepreneurship, opening up new worlds of ideas. And then, inexplicably, I stopped. And almost as inexplicably, I have restarted again!

The best blogs are the voices of single individuals – right from the head and heart. In my case, it is the same raw emotion that I want to keep sharing. And as I write on my blog, I have realised how much I love writing. I hope this time around it continues – daily, and forever.

7 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Reading, writing, arithmetic and how to learn stuff by self are the basic skills which one must master during the early childhood.

    I was little unfortunate that I could not practice writing till recent. I tried to avoid in every possible manner, when I could not find a way out multiple times and on multiple occasions I had to pay the price for my childhood weakness.

    So now I started to learn this art of writing, as I understand that even if I practice now, it has profound benefits on my further life. Now I will have to read multiple times as I write for correcting my numerous mistakes of mine. I pay the price of spending time re-reading my own statements. I know it is very costly mistake I did.

    Anyway, I have no regrets. Because I believe that the worthiness of lately learnt lessons (that too, after burning my hand multiple times) is invaluable.

    Most importantly I find writing can you make your thought process very much structured and of course, it remains as a permanent stored value account forever in this digital world for anytime reference on the same topic.


  2. Hi Rajesh, good to know that you have started writing regularly again. What I have liked about your writing is the candid style in which you explain how technology is changing the world and especially India and how common man is benefiting from this transition.

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