Web 2.0 Summit and San Francisco in November

I will be on as a “High Order Bit” on November 5 (Wed) afternoon at the Web 2.0 Summit. Here’s what I’d like to talk/discuss in my 15 minutes:

  • how the digital infra in emerging markets is different from the developed markets,and why I believe the next generation of innovations can come out of countries like India
  • the $100 PC and how computing as a service (with thin clients) is what Middle India needs in their homes
  • the mobile data opportunity in emerging markets — thinking of a “VAS operator” and “mobile computing operator, and how SMS subscriptions are the starting point to building such a business
  • my views on an “IT Operator” for SMEs in EMS (emerging markets)

I am planning to be in SF all of that week (Mon to Fri evening). This will be my third visit to San Francisco this year. After New York, I quite like it — at least one get around the city without too much difficulty. All the shops that I need to frequent (a book store, a toy store, the Apple store) are all within walking distance at Union Square. And now I also found an Indian restaurant which serves some Jain food (no onion or garlic) — Amber. My choice of food is usually limited to Indian, Italian (cheese pizza) and Mexican, in that order of preference!

2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Summit and San Francisco in November

  1. SF also has two Indian vegetarian restaurants: New Ganges on Frederick St and Udipi on Valencia St. Both of them do offer vegan food on request. So I get a feeling that they would be able to serve food without onion and garlic too. They are not a walking distance from Union square though.

    There are other vegetarian restaurants in SF too that might be able to serve Italian and Mexican food without onion and garlic. You can find them on Yelp. Have fun.