Web 2.0 Summit and San Francisco in November

I will be on as a “High Order Bit” on November 5 (Wed) afternoon at the Web 2.0 Summit. Here’s what I’d like to talk/discuss in my 15 minutes:

  • how the digital infra in emerging markets is different from the developed markets,and why I believe the next generation of innovations can come out of countries like India
  • the $100 PC and how computing as a service (with thin clients) is what Middle India needs in their homes
  • the mobile data opportunity in emerging markets — thinking of a “VAS operator” and “mobile computing operator, and how SMS subscriptions are the starting point to building such a business
  • my views on an “IT Operator” for SMEs in EMS (emerging markets)

I am planning to be in SF all of that week (Mon to Fri evening). This will be my third visit to San Francisco this year. After New York, I quite like it — at least one get around the city without too much difficulty. All the shops that I need to frequent (a book store, a toy store, the Apple store) are all within walking distance at Union Square. And now I also found an Indian restaurant which serves some Jain food (no onion or garlic) — Amber. My choice of food is usually limited to Indian, Italian (cheese pizza) and Mexican, in that order of preference!

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Rajesh Jain

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