Lenovo Ideapad S10

“Mom, I had gone to some malls and did some shopping.”

“So, what did you get?”

“A laptop.”


“Yes, the smallest, cheapest, thinnest (almost) laptop.”

This was the conversation I had at home on Sunday after buying a Lenovo Ideapad S10 for Rs 25,000 ($550) from Croma in Mumbai.  I had been looking for something light to replace my HP Pavilion for some time. I don’t use my laptop much — except when travelling. And so, wanted something very light and small. The new Netbook class of machines (pioneered by Asus) is now getting company with Acer, Dell and Lenovo having launched their models. (The model I bought has 1 GB RAM and a 160 GB hard disk.)

I used it for an hour at home, and it does look good. The 10-inch screen provides a 1024-pixel width display. It uses the Intel Atom processor. The keyboard looks very usable — but I haven’t tried typing a whole lot yet. I had read the reviews online and the S10 came out quite well. The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 would have been the other option but they aren’t selling it yet in India.

The buying experience could have been better — which was a surprise considering the way Croma advertises itself. More on that tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Lenovo Ideapad S10

  1. I have seen something of this sort around here; they are a nifty concept as far as the hardware goes. Its good enough for personal computing although I remain circumspect about the operating system. With such hardware specs, anything like Ubuntu Linux would truly excel itself. Windows as an operating system remains limited in its scope sucking up too much of resources.

    I am not happy with the quality of the components that get used. Most of the hardware for WiFi or the Cam is usually sourced from dirt cheap manufacturers who dont open up their source code. Neither, one can customise the laptops to your liking. It is, take it or leave it. None of the manufacturers are open about the quality of the components that get used in it.

    If one is putting in one’s hard earned money, I should be getting a choice. Which isnt. This is unfortunate indeed.

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  3. Hey Rajesh

    I have been wanting to gift s10 to someone for quite some time.
    I have read that the battery life is merely two hours (3 cell) and that obviously is an issue
    plus i hear it heats up rather quickly.
    Thirdly i have been eyeing the red model, but i do not know whther itll be available.
    and lastly any idea whther its availbale at exclusive lenovo showrooms ?

    If u do know anything about any of the above do let me know.


  4. hiii maself mayank

    i hv got ideapad s10 on wed 15th oct
    m using it
    its performance is vry well
    i prefer this lappy 2 those who want 2 buy acer aspire one coz i 2 hv went 2 buy that but i saw this model n immidiatly aftr cheking its performance

    i selected
    croma keeper gifted me 1 tataindicom modem

    its wifi speed is not so well but m using 400mb/s net so its speed is gud n downloadin speed is up 2 35kb/s

    sound quality is quite well

    it cant support 5.1 channel speaker
    up 2 2.1 channel only

    camera is also not gud

    battery backup is normal
    whn using net its backup was 1.45 hrs

    ovrall its vry gud 2 use n quite portable

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  6. Can somebody tell me the proper specs for lenovo ideapad s10 ..

    1. HDD
    2. RAM
    3. Bluetooth
    4. No. of USB connectors
    5. Cam resolution

    and any other details ..

  7. Hi,
    It has a 160 gb 5200 rpm hdd(sata), which quite high for this category of laptopss. The ram is 1 gb (DDR2), which is slightly faster than DDR. Even 512 MB RAM would have been enogh for XP home. It has 2 usb PORT+ 1 EXPRESS pci slot.Cam resolution is 1.3 Megapixels. I bought it from Croma for 24,999, with a lenovo laptop bag free. I have used Asus, trust me it is one of the best in the categories.

  8. I bought the S10 on 2nd Dec 08 from Croma Mumbai. On 30th Dec the battery is concked off(not working). Both croma & lenovo are looking at possible ways to escape from the warranty.

    Response & Attitude of Croma representative leaves a lot to be desired. Cant reach Lenovo service center numbers since the past 5 days. The old ride has begun…

  9. refering to the earlier thread, the issue is sorted out. The staff at croma bandra have been more than hlpful in assiting with the problem