Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Scott McNealy on People: In Forbes. “ I tended to manage by clear delegation. People got to be in charge of things. My decision-making process was not to make the decision but to decide who got to decide…If you hire really, really great people, they’re going to know more about the problem they’re dealing with than you will.”
  • The Economics of Giving it Away: by Chris Anderson (in WSJ). “Free may be the best price, but it can’t be the only one.”
  • 100 Free iPhone Apps: Admittedly, this will be useful for only a few of us, but still its fascinating to see the diversity of things that can do on the mobile.
  • Facebook and Digital Goods Revenues: Jeremy Liew has a 3-part series on what it can do to increase revenue from digital goods, addressing Means, Opportunity and Motive.
  • India’s Coming Elections: A view from The Economist. “India is girding itself for a spring election. What sort of government will emerge is anyone’s guess.”

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