Blog Past: 2.0

I wrote this in Jan 2004 about the state of Indian portals then:

It is time for us to rethink the Indian content space. As telecom competition makes connectivity cheaper and available at higher speeds, as the cost of access devices goes down, there will be a need for innovative content and community services which can bring the fizz back. Ready for version 2.0 (or is it 3.0) of the Indian dotcoms – or have we already gone to sleep?

…An always-on, broadband access infrastructure and affordable access devices are two of the three legs that the Indian Internet infrastructure needs to be built on. The third is the availability of content, software and services which can attract users and make the Internet a key part of their lives. This is where visible innovation has stagnated, with the current art being the web browser, websites that we visit and search engines that we scour to get to the websites. What is needed is a New Information Platform.

I was reminded of this when a journalist called me up recently to talk about IndiaWorld and the state of Internet portals in India. The Great Indian Portal that becomes a utility in our daily lives is yet to be created.

6 thoughts on “Blog Past: 2.0

  1. I think we are still in the stage of maturing our Internet space. People have started looking at the Internet space for utilities, and other significant factors rather than just surfing to kill time.

    Unlike in the US, where the entire market has matured and you have a lot of peneration of Internet, India will take some time before it actually start attacing important to the quality content.

    Moreover, you do not have the important of ‘Content Availability & Content Management’ as of now. As more and more companies realize the intellectual asset value of content, we will definitely have better results.

    Those are my 2 cents 🙂

  2. Rajesh – I feel the advent of cheap netbooks and other devices will create new markets in India and abroad also. A kindle kind of device with voice interface , connected to cloud will give an opportunity to fulfill automation needs of an altogether new markets. We still do not use a PC or laptop for home automation needs.


  3. Platform to render content for mobile devices is still a very open space. Hardly any major players in this segment which provide apt delivery platform for mobile content.

    Bharti with its SDP is leading in this segment especially in India. Big need for a simple product which simplifies Content delivery for devices.

  4. @shadab, not sure what ur talking abt, is it a better mobile browser or content creation studio for mobile content or transmission on the content to the user base????