Blog Past: Navigating NetCore

From a series I wrote a year ago on the challenges of being an entrepreneur:

For me, every year as an entrepreneur is one to be savoured because of the learnings.  Just because I did something right in the past does not guarantee success in the future. Building a business is hard. There are moments of joy – but there are many more moments of pain. However experienced one is, situations are different and have to be dealt with accordingly. More than anything, one has to be optimistic and keep the big picture in mind for what one wants to do. It is that vision of the future that keeps the enthusiasm and morale high even during difficult times. For me, the journey matters as much as reaching the destination.

One thought on “Blog Past: Navigating NetCore

  1. Of all the work I have done, being an entrepreneur has been the most challenging. Mostly because if one believes in some values, then the results are far from what may have been. The rule books are are like straight mountains that can be scaled by ingratiating everyone who comes in the way. Even after knowing the Ambani way, its hard to practice it with the values we were taught. Books do not help. What helps is an undying commitment to reach the destination at all costs, unless a little luck comes one’s way! Today, I find it hard to believe anyone can become an entrepreneur without greasing the system. If they have succeeded, they have done it. Anyone claiming otherwise must have been born like Jesus to Virgin Mary!