Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Information Overload is Nothing New: by Peggy Noonan (WSJ). “Step back, or aside. Think what you think, not what they think. Everyone is trying to push. Don’t be pushed.”
  • A Smartphone Retrospective: by Marco Arment. How the mobiles have evolved in just 3 years – in pictures.
  • The Future of Internet Search: by Esther Dyson. “When people search, they aren’t just looking for nouns or information; they are looking for action.”
  • Taking the Mystery out of Scaling a Company: by Ben Horowitz. “If you want to do something that matters, then you are going to have to learn the black art of scaling a human organization.”
  • PM and The Speech-Writer: by Chetan Bhagat. The state of our nation and our leader. “Talk about poverty, reducing it, of course. And education. And stuff like we won’t tolerate injustice and inequality. Oh, and use the word superpower a couple of times just don’t mention a specific issue or put a real opinion.”

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