Attending Gov 2.0 in Washington this week

I will be in Washington this week attending the Gov 2.0 Summit. From the introduction:

Gov 2.0 Summit brings together innovators from government and the private sector to highlight technology and ideas that can be applied to the nation’s great challenges. In areas as diverse as education, health care, energy, jobs, and financial reform, there are unique opportunities to rethink how government agencies perform their mission and serve our citizens. Social media, cloud computing, web, and mobile technologies—all provide new capabilities that government agencies are beginning to harness to achieve demonstrably better results at lower cost.

While the conference is US-centric, I am sure there will be ideas for India also. Will share thoughts after the event in the coming weeks.

One thought on “Attending Gov 2.0 in Washington this week

  1. Wow! Last year’s conference was excellent. Although it is extremely US centric and the truth is that the US is way ahead of us (in Gov2.0). (I followed it online).

    I guess its helpful to understand the mistakes they made and try not to do the same while trying to learn from their wins.

    Hope you enjoy it and do send out updates. I’m pretty sure you’ll be one of the few who will be able to give us (non-attendees) an indian perspective on it all.