Airport iPad Duty

I thought we had outgrown such nonsense in India. When I came back from a recent international trip, the customs officer at the baggage screening machine wanted my bag to be opened because he said there were two computers. I said – I have a laptop, and an iPad. He said, the iPad thus becomes a second computer, and I’d have to pay duty on it.

There was no point arguing with the officers, since they don’t make the rules. I ended up paying Rs 4,000 as duty.

On the ride home, I couldn’t help thinking that there is no surprise that product innovation in India is stifled. With rules like these that constrain the purchase of the newest gadgets from abroad, what else can one expect?

9 thoughts on “Airport iPad Duty

  1. Next time, tell them to endorse the cheaper item on the passport. They usually refrain from doing so.

    Also, you are allowed to get Rs.25k worth of gifts.

  2. We seriously need some sanity on the airports….the officials know a jack about technology….I wonder how tourists manage with all this…cant be a good experience.

  3. Yes I incurred the same too . Whats more, the Police who man screening machine at Mumbai airport (the Mafia) asked me to pay Rs 25000 eventhough Im not even a resident Indian. I m permanently resident in UK and was there on holiday, but he wud have none of it . He finally settled after I paid £50
    The conmen that are Indian Police and customs!!!!

  4. I am a foreigner; have come to India once a year for 6 years. This year I was stopped and told I had to pay duty on my 64 gig iPad of 9700 rupees ; if I would consent to do it off the books (no receipts) he could cancels the ticket and do it for 5k ripped; corruption is rampant; the economy is growing but I may start investing more in Singapore because of this! I don’t like getting ripped off!

  5. This is very scary and sad.. World is moving fast. I think lot of people carriers now days laptop and iPad. It’s normal. I am worried about so many foreigners come to our country and they face all these problems. We are continuously loosing our reputation. Customs officer should be trained properly and stop taking bribes!

  6. plannig to visit US next week.. will i have to pay duty on ipad also if i plan to buy one?

  7. Bernie, A visitor does not have to pay any duty. yes, they ripped you off, Indian customs is corrupt but being informed is the best defense. You tell them that this is for my personal use and I am taking it back when I leave, you may enter it in my passport. That’s it! No duty!