Chanakya – A Play and A Book

As part of a Friends of BJP event in Mumbai, we had organised “Chanakya”, the play, by Manoj Joshi and his team. Was an amazing experience. It is probably my first play that I had been to in Mumbai. The last plays I had seen were a few in the US during my time there. A play is such a different experience from watching a movie – it just seems so much more immersive, especially if one is sitting in the front.

A week before the play, I picked up Ashwin Sanghi’s book “Chanakya’s Chant.”  It intersperses two eras – that of Chanakya 2300 years ago, and a modern-day Chanakya in a similar political context. Was a good read, only broken by the fact that 30 pages of the book were missing in the copy I had bought!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.