Mission 300

I wish the two national political parties in India would set themselves a goal of winning 300+ seats in the next Lok Sabha elections (2014, or when the UPA Chairperson decides).

Congress won 206 and BJP 116 in the last elections. BJP’s highest has been 182 in 1998 and 1989. No single party has won 300 seats since Rajiv Gandhi’s landslide in 1984.

The reason I mention this is that from a governance perspective, it would be a lot easier. India needs many tough decisions and big ideas to be converted into action. That doesn’t seem to be happening now. The approach to winning 175-200 and getting 25 more than the other national party puts parties on one approach path. If, however, they decide that they will aim to win 300 on their own, the approach will be very different. And that will set in motion a chain of events that can only work for the good of the country.

4 thoughts on “Mission 300

  1. I totally disagree with you, strong will is required for the implementation of policies. Rule of single party will make india a communist state and will dilute the very idea of democracy.

  2. To win 300 both the parties would have to contest about 400-450 seats.

    In the case of the BJP it would have to expand presence in the Southern States and East coastal states. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Orissa, West Bengal. Almost half of peninsular India – with so little presence for the BJP.

    It was the regional party presence from these very states that gave NDA a viable majority in the Parliament. If I were Gadkari I’d spent 3 days of my working week thinking about these states and nothing else.

  3. There are very good reasons why India will be better off with two major parties. One of them is that it’s a “winner take all” or “first past the post” election system.

    For a brief explanation, here’s a delightful video.