Flying Trouble – Part 2

When we landed in Singapore at 1:45 am, there were still 45 minutes for the SQ Mumbai flight. But there was no one at the gate to guide us other than a reference to go to a Singapore Airlines desk. That turned out to be a 15 minute walk. We reach there and found that they had no instructions about us and it was too close to closing the flight. Our showing the FIM (Flight Interruption Manifest) with the SQ flight number written on it made no difference.

So, there we were, stranded at Singapore’s huge airport. It was 2 am. The United Airlines counter would open after 4 am, and then maybe something would be done. It was frustrating because had they either issue us the boarding pass in HK or even had someone waiting at the Singapore gate with it, we would all have made the Mumbai flight.

When failures happen, they tend to cascade. Nobody really cares. We are a statistic, those delta percent whom airlines did not deliver on time. It only hits you when you are the victim.

2 thoughts on “Flying Trouble – Part 2

  1. United is not known for its customer care. So, I am not surprised by this turn of events.

    I went through a similar situation when I flew to Singapore via Cathay Pacific airlines. The flight from SFO departed couple of hours late and there was an army of Cathay agents in Hong Kong to guide all those who missed their connections. For those who did not have a connecting flight until the next day, hotel and meal vouchers were given and boarding pass for the next available flight was provided. I was amazed by their care and service. The fact that I missed my flight and getting delayed did not bother me one bit.