TECH TALK: My Favourite Websites: My Favourite Websites

Sites to check daily:

  • – the best technology news coverage.
  • Red Herring – combines technology and investment analysis. It is also now possible to get the hard copy in India (via Mediascope) – highly recommended. Each issue also has an in-depth briefing on a specific topic.
  • WSJ – excellent analysis of technology developments from the Wall Street Journal. Walter Mossberg’s column is a must-read. This site needs a subscription (USD 49 a year).
  • FT – very good IT reporting from the Financial Times. The best things about the FT are their special supplements (FT-IT and Telecoms), ad Louise Kehoe’s column.
  • Venturewire – they have a daily email newsletter which lists all the venture capital deals.
  • – along the lines of Red Herring, a little less known but equally good.

    Sites which you should check at least once a week:

    Among the business magazines, the ones with the best technology coverage are:

    Other sites which are worth a regular look:

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