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Here then is a features summary of the News Refinery:

Aggregation Collection of all the headlines from multiple sources
Customisation Creating my newspaper, with multiple pages
Database / Filing Classifying and filing (archiving) headlines and stories in folders
Search By date, source, author, content (keywords), concept
Alerts Notifications on keywords, breaking stories; multiple device support
Summaries Quick, brief story summaries, especially if headline is short or cryptic
Daily Email Just in case there is no web access; also
email of marked articles
Similar Stories Stories like the one I am reading
Classification Directory of Headlines for navigation by category
Recommendations Based on what other people are reading and overlapping interests
Offline Access Sync stories with my computer (store locally) so I can read them offline
Sharing Putting stories in common folders to allow others to access them
Email / Forward To friends; also keep track of what I am
forwarding to whom
Discuss / Weblog Comments on stories; Use to create user-generated content and communities
Table of Contents Single Page ToCs for magazines so I can see all stories on 1 page
Translation For reading stories in other languages
Filters Remove duplicates (e.g., same story from wire service)
My Addition Allow for addition of new source by giving URL
In-Context Place the event / story in context, provide perspective, chronological events (timeline), related stories from other sources
Favourites What others are reading and where, like Amazon’s Circles
Learning See what I am doing and learn, become smarter, monitor interests
Repeat Search Search for certain keywords at specific frequencies of time; email results
News Browser Custom front-end to better navigate news; add filters to narrow
News Plus Like VCR+, link online-offline; easier access to stories in print
Extensions To Discussion Forums, Press Releases, etc.
Visual Appeal Create a 2D/3D Map of stories; use colour to depict age of
NewsBar Like the Google Toolbar which sits on the desktop for alerts, quick links
Search Others A single window search on various news sites; email results from all

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