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Namaste! A few words about me (Rajesh Jain) and the blog.

Have just completed my first decade as an entrepreneur in Mumbai, India. 1 Hit, a few Flops, 1 Average. The Hit was IndiaWorld (Story: Parts I, II, III), India’s first Internet portal which was launched in 1995, which was acquired by Sify in November 1999 for USD 115 million. The Flops were what I did from 1992-1994: object/multimedia databases, image processing and some offshore software projects. The Average performer has been Netcore, a Linux-based messaging software company started in 1998. We have 100+ clients in India.

My next plans: grow Netcore into Emergic, offering cost-effective technology solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets like India. In doing so, enable the formation of SME Clusters and their transformation to Emergent Networks.

More Details

Born in Pune on India’s 20th Independence Day (August 15, 1967). I went to school and college at St. Xaviers in Mumbai. Did my B Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 1988, and my M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, New York in 1989. I then worked at NYNEX Science and Technology for 2 years before returning to India in 1992.

I launched IndiaWorld in 1995. From its pioneering start, IndiaWorld grew to be one of the largest collection of India-centric websites, comprising Samachar, Khel, Khoj and Bawarchi. The IndiaWorld sites are now part of Sify.com.

I am a Member of Sify‘s Advisory Board, and Managing Director of Netcore Solutions, an Enterprise Messaging Solutions company.

A few articles on me: TIME (Asian Edition Cover Story, Interview), Columbia University Engineering News

The Blog

Emergic.Org will talk about our work in creating the cost-effective tech solutions for SMEs. We’ve begun work on projects like a Thin Client-Thick Server, Digital Dashboard and BlogStreet. More on these in the coming days.

Emergic.Org will also give my views on the world of technology. The vantage point is an emerging market. We need technology, but cannot afford to pay it in dollars. The digital divide needs to be bridged. It is time we entrepreneurs in countries like India became leaders in technology products, rather than pure service centres for the rest of the world. Lets become the anchor store in the world mall, not a discount outlet. Lets lead, not follow.

Emergic.Org builds on my writings of the past. Have been writing a daily column on Tech Samachar since November 2000. My earlier columns used to be on IndiaLine (1997-98) and in Express Computer (1995-96). Over time, I’ll put together all my older writings here on Emergic.Org.

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