Blogs: Journalism of the Future – Blogs take Web diaries to the next level – May 10, 2002: An interview with Josh Quittner, editor of Business 2.0. He says:

    [Blogs are] the future of journalism…. The cool thing about blogs is somebody can say something, or point to a story in Time magazine or CNN, and other people can have at the story, and almost debug it… What this does is takes information and it puts it out before a community of users who will, in effect, crash test it. Hold every single fact up to the light and make sure that it all works.

    It’s all about communication. That’s one of the main reasons people use the Web; they’re using it to find information and they’re using it to communicate to each other. And the blog is this wonderful way of doing both.

The same thinking can be extended within the enterprise to create knowledge weblogs, or K-logs. Combined with an outliner, they form the foundation of a new read-write environment on the desktop.

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