Technology Innovators (WSJ) – Technology’s New Pioneers: A special report (subs. needed). Writes WSJ, “Innovators are creating our vision of the future. From shaping law in the digital age to designing cars, they are taking concepts only once dreamed of and making them into reality.”

Among the people covered:

    The Robot Maker (Helen Greiner, founder of iRobot, is leading an effort to bring robots into the consumer market), The World Builder (Philip Rosedale, founder of Linden Labs, is creating an open-ended alternative to online games), The Wireless Pioneer (Robert Fontana, founder of Multispectral Solutions, is hoping ultrawideband technology can reshape all sorts of industries), The Instant Messager (Jeremie Miller is the leader of a world-wide software-development project that has created a new form of instant messaging called Jabber), The Brainstormer (Jacob Goldenberg, a business professor at Hebrew University, has devised a template system that provides a framework for new and innovative ideas that can be applied to various problems), The Nanotechnician (Charles Lieber and his team of “nanoelectronic” researchers are leading an effort to create working electronic devices by manipulating matter at its most basic dimensions).

A must-read for all of us who dream of creating the future.

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Rajesh Jain

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