Re-thinking this Weblog

I have now been blogging for just over 10 days. Spend about 30-45 minute daily on the weblog. But I am not happy with it. It is not innovative, conversational or different. Have been thinking of ways by which can be a standout.

Currently, this blog is a mix of:

  • My daily Tech Talk column. Each week I take a theme, and write about 500 words a day, Mon-Fri. Sometimes, the theme extends into multiple weeks.
  • Link-Quote-Comment: This is the “Information Filter” part of the blog. I link to a few articles a day around the web which I have found interesting, excerpt out a little bit from the article, and provide some commentary.
  • Original Thinking: Like this piece, wherein I write about my ideas/thoughts, and some of the work we are doing in Emergic.

    The above is still too conventional. It is too “bloggy”. What fresh thinking can I bring in?

    1. NewsLinks: adding a collection of news links from 15-20 websites. These websites would be a mix of technology, business and emerging market sites. In fact, I want to take 1 website each from the 5 top emerging markets — India, China, Brazil, Mexico and Brazil. Taken together, this collection of 100-odd links provides a context to what’s happening in the world around us. It also records the day in posterity (the archives, in our language).

    2. BlogDaily: a mix of some daily features, which are not time-sensitive. Example section: Think It Over (a quote/extract), Quiz Question, Number/Statsitics, Cool Site of the Day, Discussion Topic for today (among readers), The Latest (coverage from magazines), Book Blog (thoughts as I read a book).

    3. Categories and Outlines: The posts on the site are organised chronologically, by date. I was thinking of adding categories, but that would also end up being organised by time. What I want to do is to use the category pages to give a Big Picture view of the content in that section, like a Table of Contents, an Outline.

    The objective is to make a daily “must-visit”: it must add value to your life, so you will want to spend 5 minutes everyday. I want to be like a conversation we have every morning. In fact, I’d like this site to be the first site you visit everyday. Let’s see if I am able to accomplish this!

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