Making Indians Richer

Karun Philip: “My projects are aimed more at making Indians (and other developing countries) richer rather than technology cheaper. In short, imagine if the rupee reached 10 rupees to the dollar…India-domiciled wealth would be 5 times more valuable and technology would be affordable by a huge number of people. In the book , I show how to potentially do this while increasing jobs at the same time.”

Karun’s an old friend…good to get back in touch with him. The theories should be interesting to read, especially for those of us who can remember the USD dollar at Rs 8 or so (vs its Rs 50 now)! Personally, I know more about technology than finance. The end-objectives are the same: how can emerging markets and their people grow, afford new technology and enrich their quality of lives. Either their purchasing power becomes greater (Karun’s viewpoint in K-Capital) or lower-cost technology needs to be developed (what Emergic is about). A mix of both is perhaps what’s needed.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.