A Century of Posts

The previous post was my 100th. In 23 days (I began on May 9). Its been a good experience so far. I am enjoying the writing — have discovered that it comes much more naturally to me than I previously had thought. Considering that I had pontificated all of April wondering how I should do my blog, it was much easier than I had anticipated.

Am hoping to sustain this at about 4-5 posts daily, in addition to the Tech Talks. The 5 Tech Talks every week take me about 3 hours of writing, and the daily blog posts take up an average of 30-40 mins daily. The aggregate is about 6-7 hours of writing each week. Its a significant commitment, but I see that as a natural extension of what I am doing…reading, thinking and writing is part of the process of building out the vision of Emergic.

My own observation powers have improved dramatically since I started writing the Tech Talk as a daily column in November 2000. I find myself much more alert when I am reading or listening. I have a much better understanding of technology now — may not as deep as I would have liked, but there certainly is a lot more breadth. Which is important when one is trying to asismilate trends and developments and put them together. Writing for me has also helped clarify my own thinking process.

The RTW (reading-thinking-writing) process is a positive feedback cycle. When I began Tech Talk, I was wondering how I’d sustain a daily column beyond a few weeks. Have not only sustained it for 80 weeks now, but I now feel there’s so much more to write!

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