Corporate Blogging

An article in the Seattle Times on how companies can use blogs for marketing and promotion.

“Blog speed” offers immediate feedback from the “blogosphere”: the blog-aware Web community. Web logs also have the advantage of near-instant indexing by Google, which recognizes them as a source of edgy info on the Web. And blogs create automatic ongoing archives.

Another potential plus for blogs: Companies can get out of users’ mailboxes. Instead of spamming with so-called product news and consumer updates, they can “blog” the stuff and let users who really want the information come on their own volition.

In a sense, that is what (this blog) is doing. Talking about our ideas and work in public. This is, I think, increasingly going to be path adopted by smaller companies with limited marketing budgets. Think of it as MicroMarketing.

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Rajesh Jain

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