Emergic Update

Blogstreet: We’ve added 50 more blogs for a total of 200, instead of adding 150 to take the total to 300. Hope to make up the deficit this week. Have also begun work on extracting blogrolls — writing small programs (“proglets”) to process the links and get the info necessary to identify the clusters.

Digital Dashboard: On the Outliner, we have completed Edit-Share-Delete of outlines. Now working on making the text-to-OPML conversion and the outline presentations as web services. This gives us some exposure to XML and SOAP. We also want to them use the outlining service within Blogstreet and some other applications. Blogs will probably wait till later this week or next week.

Thin Client-Thick Server: We’ve cracked the Auto Identification of the Network card and Display card problem. Have a 2-floppy solution which gets this info from the client and ships it to the server. By mid-week, we will also be done with the user interface to add new clients and machines. Have moved 7 users to TC. Next step is to move the other Linux users (6 people) to TC also. Finally, next week work on the migration of the Windows users. On Windows, the problems we will have to address: migration of Mail and Address Book, Bookmarks and Cookies, and then the documents.

Enterprise Software: Explored a few options last week on what to do going ahead. Took a look at Business Rules also. The approach we are now looking at is to (a) understand Sash as a scripting environment for Mozilla and then write out an app (b) understand J2EE, XML (c) identify what database backend to use. We will then use these components to write out a prototype for accounting or sales. Have also met with some clients to get feedback on their needs.

Messaging: Steady Progress last week. Channel buildout is happening. This month, we need to work on making a brochure and sales kit.

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