I came across an article on Syndication by Kevin Werbach (editor of Release 1.0) in the May-June 2000 issue of Harvard Business Review. Wrote Werbach: “With the Internet, information goods, modularity and fragmented distribution becomes not only possible but essential. Everything that moves on the Internet takes the form of information. The hyperlinked architecture of the Web is modular by nature. And because anyone can start a web site, there are literally millions of different distribution points for users. In such an environment, syndication becomes inescapable.”

Weblogs are a form of microContent. Think of Web Services as microSoftware (software compoments). RSS enables the syndication of content (news, blogs). Web Services enables the re-use of software, where the service is “syndicated”. Take this idea further. There’s been a lot of talk of the real-time enterprise and the event-driven enterprise. What this means is that events are syndicated. Have been thinking of how we can look at similarities to what’s happening between the content world and the enterprise world. The granularity which needs to be syndicated is the BlogPost and the Event. Need to build further on this thinking.

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