Citrix enters Portals business

Citrix’s entry into the portals business is interesting — it is seeking to diversify its revenue stream from the Thin Client segment.

The market for so-called portal software is booming because it addresses one of the fundamental problems businesses face today – sifting through the vast quantities of data they have accumulated over the years and giving employees access to the information needed to do their jobs.

The idea is that a finance worker, for example, would turn on his or her computer in the morning and be greeted by a Web page that gives access to the information – company expenses, employee salaries or new budget requests – that he or she has requested.

One analyst says Citrix is in the access and aggregation business, and portals are the next natural level for them.

  • InfoWorld’s story on Citrix

    The Enterprise Information Portal is going to be the New Desktop, as I wrote earlier today. Combined with the Thin Client running Linux and with blogs, outlines, RSS, this can become the platform for the new information architecture in the enterprise.

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    Rajesh Jain

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