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Jon Udell on Seeing and Tuning Social Networks: “The growth of weblogs has created a wave of interest in social network analysis….New forms of social software are one of the most hopeful green shoots erupting from a still-bleak technology landscape….As social and computer networks converge, that will inevitably change. We’ll see relationships more clearly and — for better and worse — more analytically.”

There’s been a lot of talk in the blog world of late on social networks. The RSS auto-discovery, blog neighbourbood analysis are two examples of what’s fueling the desire to (a) find other like-minded people (b) find people who can open up other worlds.

A lot of this applies to within the enterprise also. Most of us work in our silos, rarely going beyond the sphere of interest and work. It’s hard to do this today. But if everyone maintained blogs, then this can become so much easier. Knowledge sharing becomes non-intrusive (I don’t have to go to a person to know more about he is working on or what he is good at). By analysing blogrolls, subscriptions and blog posts, it will become possible to see the social networks within enterprises.

This is what has made me re-think on BlogStreet in the past few days. We need to think of it more as a BlogBrain. More on this next week.

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