New Feature: Search

Have added a “Search” box — its there on the Home Page in the right column. It searches the day pages. So, while the search does not take you to exactly the post (you get an idea from the brief description shown on the search results page), it takes you to the day on which the post which contains the phrase(s) occurs. Considering that I don’t post more than 5-6 entries in a day, it should be okay for now. We used HTDig to implement the search feature.

One interesting thing I noticed is that htdig highlights the word you’ve searched for in the brief abstract it gaves for the result, and links the searched word to the actual post (using the permalink). Have no idea how this is happening, but its actually very useful because by clicking on the link in the abstract, one can go directly to the post.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.