Thin Client – Migrating Mail

Have been using a Thin Client (on my 2+ year Fujitsu notebook) for the past few days. The bottleneck on the complete switchover was migrating my Mails and Address Book to the Thick Server. I had been using Outlook Express for the past few years and had accumulated 1 GB of old emails and a 1000+ address book. To move the mails, we created first an IMAP account for me on the Thick Server. Then, we imported my Outlook Express mails and address book into Outlook under Windows. Final step was moving the folders from Outlook to the IMAP accout on the Thick Server in Outlook.

The address book was a bit more complicated as we had to write a few utilities to convert from the Outlook Express format to the one Evolution needed. All that is now left is another 1 GB of mails in another “identity” on Outlook Express (these are mails from 1.5 years and more ago, which I rarely refer to). We will do that in the near future also.

The Thin Client overall works fine — I mainly use the Browser (Mozilla) and Mail Client (Evolution). We still need to iron out some server stability issues, but thats to be expected. The key challenge was to move a person like me who had become quite used to Windows in the last 3 years (had earlier been using Linux and Unix before that). Come to think of it, the transition is quite easy provided one has an open mind.

These are early days, and I’ll need to see how OpenOffice shapes up. But I think the hard part (migrating the mails) has been done.

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Rajesh Jain

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