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Dave Winer on newspapers and weblogs:

First, I would offer a copy of Radio UserLand to every person on the editorial staff (okay, I’m biased) and say “Start a weblog now if you want.” Then I’d make the same offer to the readers. Then I’d watch to see what happens.

I’d say to the staff “Read the new weblogs, and for those of you who have your own, point to the articles you find interesting or useful.” Let this run for a few months. My bet is that the community starts generating good news reports, on things like school boards, and city council meetings, the stuff that the organizations no longer cover….Just what people see and what they think.

My bet is that the community gets energized by the new participatory journalism and the former reporters, who now are editors, talent scouts and teachers, are also energized, doing what they wanted to do when they got into journalism. Now ask the community what they’re willing to pay to keep the system working and growing. I know I’m naive and unrealistic, but this is how I think it will work.

Another source of revenue. Charge local businesses to place their weblogs on your network. This is advertising turned around.

As always, a very interesting set of ideas. Need to think about them in the context of building “emergent” SME Clusters.

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