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Video games are the bright spot in the gloomy tech industry, writes the Economist. It also offers a peek into the bigger future: “the opportunity to create a network of consoles through which all kinds of entertainment content, including films, games and music, can be distributed.”

There is a similar opportunity in the Enterprise world today. Think of the Thick Server on the Enterprise LAN as the equivalent of the game consoles. Once there are in place, they have the ability to control the Thin Clients on the desktops. So, the Thick Server can work as the distribution hub, just as the game consoles are morphing into home gateways or media servers.

The equivalent of the gaming titles are the enterprise software modules. Just as new titles come out regularly from different companies, new components need to be created for enterprises. They need to be easily pluggable into the Thick Server (like cartridges going into the game consoles).

This is the way to reach the small/medium enterprises in the emerging markets.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.