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An important breakthrough in thinking last week was to view Emergic through a software/OS lens, rather than looking at it from a hardware and software solution. We are best at developing and aggregating software and have to work in putting together the channel/distribution network. I also finally completed the Tech Talk series on Rethinking Enterprise Software (the final parts will be published this week). Its my longest series, stretching over 5 weeks and 24 columns and over 12,000 words. It has also been the most productive in clarifying thought.

BlogStreet: Last week, we fine-tuned our proglets to get them to work properly in unison for the blogroll analysis. This week, we do the blog neighbourhood analysis. Am looking forward to the first cut version which we should have ready sometime this week. I am actually glad we changed direction a few weeks ago in the path we are now going. This will now serve as a perfect complementor to the Digital Dashboard.

Digital Dashboard: We now have the RSS Aggregator fully in place…from last week, we realised that we had to do quite some enhancements to make it scale up and work incrementally with feeds. This week, we’ll integrate with a blogging tool. A test will be for me to use the RSS Aggregator and post directly to this weblog, which means we’ll have connect with MovableType. After that, need to deploy it for everyone in the organisation.

Thin Client-Thick Server: The week was spent resolving some continuing minor issues which kept coming up — fonts, printer support, backup, a few crashes, etc. Also thinking through on the Architecture — how do we build out a scalable system. Need to also think on productisation. The Thick Server has now not been rebooted for 5.5 days.

Enterprise Software: Working on OpenOffice-Postgres-ODBC integration as a prelude to creating an application which can automate some internal accounting tasks (with integration into marketing).

My Blog: Have done some enhancements: added news headlines on the archive pages, changed the nature of the permalink from IDs, made comments in-place. Now, working on getting outlines on the month pages.

Messaging: Have released on ad for Channel Partners as part on an ongoing effort to reach out to more channels.

This is the last week of the current quarter. So, next week, I want to take stock of the progress we’ve achieved so far, a kind of big picture look. And also think on what we want to accomplish in the coming quarter. An initial thought: 2-3 months ago, we had a lot of ideas on Emergic, but didnt know where to start and how to proceed. Now, I feel a lot more confident about what we are doing as work has begun on multiple front. It is still very early days. The next quarter will be crucial in determining market acceptability of some of our poposed products.

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