An Entrepreneur’s Walk

I was reflecting recently on the past 3 months, since we began working on Emergic. At that time, there were a number of ideas. I had a set of names for the things we wanted to do, but had little clue on how we would go about doing things. [My May 10 posts]

What we’ve done in the past 3 months is started on many parallel initiatives, which are taking us in the general direction of where we want to go. I don’t have a detailed road map of the terrain. So, as I stand, I walk around on many of the roads and see if they are going in the general direction of where we want to go. This is like taking some small initiatives. As one walks, we see either some clearing or more fog. So, one has to either retrace back, or move along further. These are the decisions an entrepreneur has to make many times a day.

It’s what I have called “An Entrepreneur’s Walk”. The only way one will reach the destination (or close to it) is first by deciding to walk (standing still won’t take one anywhere). Each road may seem equally hazy at first, but walk a little and the landscape will change. It is then the entrepreneur has to decide whether to walk further or go back and try a different road. Some roads will meet a little further down and make a bigger road. Some roads will lead to a dead-end. It is only by walking around on multiple roads that the entrepreneur will make progress.

That’s why it is so important to get rid of the fear of the unknown. It is trial-and-error, but what’s always guiding the entrepreneur is that inner intuition, the hidden hand of God, who tests one periodically to see how determined and confident one is of one’s mission. So, an entrepreneur must leave fear aside and not be afraid of making mistakes. Out of these small mistakes will come bigger successes, and slowly, a map of the landscape will start building.

These are the “walks” that an entrepreneur must enjoy.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.