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An interesting idea: bloggers organised by subway station (New York Times): “New York City Bloggers aims to be a comprehensive list of New York blogs, grouped by subway stop…In its first week online, the site attracted 25,000 visitors, and more than 600 bloggers identified themselves by subway stop. (By yesterday, there were more than 1,000.)”

What is missing in the world of blogs are directories. There are a few, but none which take into account that there are people doing the blogging, and what is more important than the blog itself is the person. We need categorisations based on the bloggers, and not just the blog.

A blog is actually very hard to classify, because typically they cover a wide variety of topics. But by looking at the blogroll and the links embedded in the blog, it should be possible to get an indication of the “hub blogs” which the blog relates to. At the same time, bloggers should also “identify” themselves — their likes/dislikes. The two taken together could work well in helping a person find bloggers of interest.

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Rajesh Jain

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