Economist Survey of America

In a section entitled “Integrator-in-Chief”, the Economist writes:

It is a truism, of course, that if America does bad things or makes bad mistakes, others will criticise it, shun it or even oppose it. It is best, however, to think about this emerging issue of American power and leadership in three ways:

– America’s power relative to its rivals’ and to other alternatives, including its allies.
– America’s power relative to the challenges it faces around the world, and what it might achieve by using it.
– America’s power relative to its own willingness to use it, or to keep bearing the costs of maintaining and using it.

This survey will explore those topics, and the questions they raise. Its answers – be warned – will be optimistic, and will generally be favourable to the United States. Certainly, American leadership will produce mistakes. But without American leadership, worse things would happen. And if any other country were in the lead, there would be much greater cause for worry.

Re-read the above replacing America and US with Microsoft and country with company.

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Rajesh Jain

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