Opera’s CEO on the Browser Market

Says Jon von Tetzchner:

You’re seeing less changes on the top, but obviously there are changes taking place underneath…[The browser] will have to have voice. But the most important thing is that the marketplace will change. Browsers will be available on other kinds of devices. People have been waiting for this for some time, and everyone agrees that it’s just a question of time. Mobile phones, for example, now have WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) browsers. Over time, we will see a full browser on mobile phones with more advanced screens and hardware. You will also see more set-top boxes and TVs using the Web (browser). Cars, too.

The browser will be there, but what’s needed is a kind-of Digital Dashboard on top of it. So, when I login, it automatically open the browser on my desktop with multiple tabs to my new read-write environment built with RSS Aggregators and Blogs. Going to sites using browsers is what we do now. In future, I think we will be using browsers more as an interface to navigate information that comes to us.

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Rajesh Jain

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